//Build 2020: Xamarin.Forms Experts Panel

//Build 2020: Xamarin.Forms Experts Panel








  • When will .NET MAUI be released?
  • Will Xamarin.Forms be deprecated when .NET MAUI debuts?
    • The plan is to add features to Xamarin.Forms until .NET MAUI reaches GA in .NET 6. After .NET MAUI is released in .NET 6 in November 2020, Xamarin.Forms will continue to receive priority service for 12 months.
  • Will .NET MAUI automatically generate all of the iOS and Android images based on a single image?


  • Will .NET MAUI allow deployment of one code base across iPhone, Android, Windows Desktop, macOS Desktop and Linux?

  • What flavor of XAML will be supported by .NET MAUI

    • It will continue to support the same XAML that we know and love from Xamarin.Forms
  • How will .NET MAUI affect existing Xamarin Plugins developed by the community?

    • To target .NET MAUI, Plugins will need to add a dependency to .NET 6 and reference the new System.Maui namespaces
  • Will .NET MAUI and Blazor be unified?

    • Stay tuned! No official plans yet, but we're looking into the possibility.
  • Will .NET Maui allow you to break out into Native UI when needed?

    • Yes! It leverages Multitargeting which allows us to reference platform-specific APIs in our unified MAUI project
      Platform Specific Libraries
  • For new developers, should we start building apps with MAUI?

    • Today, continue using Xamarin.Forms because MAUI won't be available until the preview of .NET 6 is released later this year.
  • What can we expect as far as performance improvements with MAUI?

    • Slim Renderers will drastically improve performance and standardize renderers across platforms


  • Is there plans to build/run a Xamarin.iOS app without connecting to macOS/Xcode?
    • Hot Restart allows us to build/deploy our Xamarin.Forms app to an iOS device directly from Visual Studio on Windows without connecting to a Mac. You will still need macOS / Xcode to publish the app to the App Store and AdHoc users.
  • What exciting new features are available today in Xamarin.Forms?


  • What is the future of Xamarin.Essentials?
    • Like Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Essentials is also being rolled into .NET
      • Xamarin.Essentials -> System.Devices
      • Xamarin.Forms -> System.Maui
  • When can we start using SDK Projects with Xamarin?
    • .NET 6
  • When can we expect UWP XAML Hot Reload?

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