Traveler: Los Angeles

Where am I?

I am currently at the Andaz West Hollywood Hotel just outside of Los Angeles, California. I'm in town volunteering at Athena Hacks 2018.

Athena Hacks is an incredible hackathon hosted by the University of Southern California! It is an all-female hackathon whose mission is to support and nurture women in tech (trans and non-binary inclusive).

How's the Internet Speed?


I'm incredibly disapointed in the internet speed: it is throttled to 5Mbps. It also seems that my throttled connection is shared between my iPhone and my Mac. Call me crazy, but when I start streaming audio/video on my Mac, the internet speed on my iPhone grinds to a halt. Very strange.

How's the Internet Reliability?


Also disapointing. There are deadspots in the hotel room where the WiFi is noticiably slower, and the internet connection has dropped more than a few times.

How's the Comfort?


This hotel room is insanely nice! The front desk upgraded me to a corner suite which is about 3 times bigger than my apartment at home! (Mind you, I live in a 500 sq.ft. studio apartment in SF).

There's a sunroom with lounge chairs and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooks the city of LA; a separate living room with couches, a TV and a 6-person dinner table; a bedroom the size of my apartment with a cozy king-sized bed; and a bathroom with two sinks, a waterfall shower, and a separate jacuzzi bathtub.

As I type this, I am lounging in the sunroom, enjoying the view, wearing a fancy hotel robe, and enjoying free snacks and soda from the mini fridge.

I could get used to this life!

How's the Noise?


The noise from traffic outside is noticable. It's not super loud, but it can be distracting.

General Ambiance ️


The hotel has very chic decor with a retro-hollywood vibe. I'm a big fan.

Overall Score: ️


This hotel room is incredibly luxurious, however, the WiFi leaves a lot to be desired.

While I would 10/10 stay in this hotel again, it's not a great spot to get work done.

So if you are looking for a place to unplug and relax, check out the Andaz West Hollywood! You won't regret it!